Monday 26th October 2020

It is obvious that since Nigeria gained her independence in 1960 from the British rule her citizens is still been treated as slaves instead of benefiting equal civic and social rights.

The leaders has thus far be singing and deceiving the masses of a better Nigeria and the youth inclusion in both political and governmental work space but all these seems to be a dream of another century.

Some of the people who fought for the independence hitherto are still in the battle in securing positions whereas their children and grandchildren are best fit to continue the journey.

The Nigeria youths been engulfed and fed up with the political and governmental lifestyle of the Nation stood up to their feets to demonstrate their civic rights with the tag ENDSARS regarding the oppression been faced on a daily basis by the body of the Nigeria Police called SARS.

The protest does not only ends in shadow of ENDSARS but exceedingly to END BAD GOVERNANCE and calling for the end of every damnating and deteriorating factors in the country.

The protesters also chants for good roads, good electricity, good health care, creation of jobs, increase in Police salary and welfare, reduction of the Senators Salaries to build infrastructures with the money.

The protest went for almost two weeks peaceful till the LEKKI TOLL GATE SAGGER which turned everything in the state it is now.

The government actually saw that if the youth should be freed or allowed to continue all their ills or failures thus far without doubts will be exposed.

But does the government actually have right to counter with her citizens while exercising her constitutional right peacefully?.
What joy does the government derived in killing her own citizens who were armless in their peaceful demonstration while terrorism is going on in some part of the country?

A good and sensible government should have come out quickly to address the protesters even before the protest approach a week but reverse was the case.

Should the youth keep quiet while they are all in the streets with their certificates?, No, I think everyone is fed up and it is time to voice out

Almost a week now there are news everywhere around the country about looting of palliatives by Nigeria citizens. Is this truly looting or stealing as the government has tagged it?, No.

The palliatives were actually met for the citizens which are to be shared or distributed to them during the period of lockdown which has been lifted over two months now. Why then do they government refuse to distribute them till now?. Why keeping items hostage when the citizens are hungry. What aim do they have for it?.
This strictly shows that they don’t care for the welfare or wellbbeing of her people. The only time the citizens have use is during election periods.

It is right when the politicians loot the treasuries but wrong when the citizens take what belongs to them from the government. Insanity and wickedness of the highest order.

The government refuse to distribute what belongs to the people and now the people are taking them by force from the government. You can’t expect one who is hungry and same time be watching food which is met for him waste, No!.

If aftermath the protests and every other thing that generated in this period of time the government refuse to wise up and do the needful it means what has started is just a preamble because the youth has had it enough.

The wrong generation to mess up with.