Since the helpless Nigerian Youths embarked on the *EndSars* and *EndPoliceBrutality* protest, the whole nation has been fluctuating and beclouded with instability.

It is also undoubtedly clear that, the ongoing protest has unraveled the several wickedness amongst the bigwigs (Nigerian Politicians) emphatically on the aspect of greed and self-centeredness, entangled with their culturated looting and embezzlements.

The covid-19 palliatives which was supposed to be distributed among the citizens most especially to the poor masses were been diverted to their private warehouses besides the many packages they have sold for personal satisfaction and deposited into their accounts.

It is consequently pathetic that the like of incident that took place in (Lekki) Lagos State last week which claimed not fewer than 77 souls and left scaraging injuries on several innocent people almost duplicated itself in Lokoja, the Kogi State capital on the 25th and 26th of October, 2020 Where some group of armed men were shattering bullets on the starved poor masses. Indeed, God shall judge.

On this course, it is not out of place to categorically state here that, Nigerian Leaders are immensely harbored with deep wickedness, callousness and self-centeredness which are all inhuman and unscriptural.

The degree of vandalism perpetrated by the Nigerian Citizens during the take of these palliatives was a clarion pointer that, the poor masses has suffered starvation and thus, pouring their anger and unquenchable repercussions to the government at all levels.

Culturatedly, a Nigerian Politician can swingle billions of money within a twinkle slide time and no one could question or even hurt her of such callous act.

However, Nigerian crooked and merismetesized political leaders and their likes who are involved in these many evil acts should beware that, even if the crowd of poor Nigerian masses cannot question their wicked executions, there is God in heaven who will in due time, accordingly judge all our engagements and undertakings.

*Filed By: Simon Maiwada.*
*Public Activist and Humanitarian Administrator.*